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A Counter allows you to post the number of visitors to your web site for all your visitors to see once they land on the web page you have inserted a counter.


  1. Set the following information:
    • Please select functionality - Click on the Counter radio button.
    • Please select timezone - Select your timezone from the drop down menu.
    • Please select format - There are three settings:
      • Time Format - Select either "12" or "24" from the drop down menu.
      • Date Format - Select the date format you want to use from the drop down menu.
      • Frame Thickness - Enter the frame thickness you want to use for your counter.
    • Please select frame color - There are three settings (Red, Green, Blue). Enter the appropriate RGB colors for each Red, Green, and Blue text boxes. Or click on the multi-colored box to choose your frame color.
    • Please select maximum digits - Select anywhere between five and ten digits from the drop down menu. If you leave as default "5," your counter will show only five characters. If you select "10," from the drop down menu, your counter will show ten characters.
    • Please select style - Click on the "See Styles" link. A new window will open. View the available styles. Then select the letter referencing the style you want to use for your counter from the drop down menu.
    • Counter Name - Enter the name you want to use for your counter.
    • Source Color Red
    • Replacement Color Red
  2. Click on the preview button to see an example of your counter based on the settings you chose above. If the counter settings need to be modified, you can change any of your settings accordingly. Then click on the preview button until the counter is showing the way you want it to appear. Once you have the settings you want to use for your counter, go to Step 3.
  3. Please read Step 2 above before proceeding. Click on the html button. The HTML code for your counter will appear in the "Code/Counter View" section of the web page. Copy the code and paste in the HTML code of one of your web pages.
  4. Enter a name for your Counter in the "Counter Name" text box.
  5. You can reset or modify the starting number of your counter by enter the number in the "New Count" text box.
  6. Click on the Commit Changes button.
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