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A Simple GuestBook allows your visitors to post or sign a web page on your web site. There are several sections of the Simple GuestBook settings page:

  • Edit Guestbook Template - This allows you to modify the surrounding "look and feel" of your Simple GuestBook.
  • Sign GuestBook - You can sign your Simple GuestBook from this page.
  • View GuestBook - You can view your Simple GuestBook at any time.
  • Manage GuestBook - You can manage your Simple GuestBook at any time.
  • Web Page Form Code - Use this code on any web page on your web site to display your Simple GuestBook.

Edit Guestbook Template

  1. When the page loads, you will see the following code:

Default Template

NOTE: Do not modify any code between the following tags:

You can modify any of the surrounding code to meet your specific requirements.

  1. Once you have modified your Simple GuestBook template, click on the Save button.

Sign GuestBook

  1. Set the following information:
    • Name - Enter the name you want to use when signing your Simple GuestBoook.
    • Email - Enter the email address you want to use when signing your Simple GuestBook.
    • URL - Enter a URL to your own web site or any URL you want to be shown when signing your Simple GuestBook.
    • Comments - Enter any specific comments you want to post when signing your Simple GuestBook.
  2. Click on the Sign Guestbook button.
  3. A new window should open displaying your signed Simple GuestBook.

View GuestBook

Click on the View GuestBook to view your Simple GuestBook. A new window will appear showing your Simple GuestBook and any signatures or posts that have been made.

Manage GuestBook

Click on the Manage GuestBook to manage your Simple GuestBook.

Web Page Form Code

Copy the code listed on the Simple GuestBook page in cPanel and paste it somewhere on your web site. The code should look similar to the following:






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